About Vejibag

Vejibag founder Sally Erickson is a huge salad freak

Vejibag was developed by Sally Erickson. Sally is passionate about sustainability and sustainably growing her own vegetables and she is a huge salad freak. Her move to Maine was a long cherished dream come true and led to Sally building her own greenhouse.

While harvesting, Sally realised that she didn’t want to package her vegetables in the standard plastic bags that are used everywhere. Vegetables grown and cared for with so much passion end up in a plastic bag where they usually turn brown and soft.

Research shows something many salad lovers already know: vegetables that prefer a humid environment decay a lot slower in a moist cotton bag. In all honesty, they often remain fresher and crispier than they were at the time of purchase.

Would you like to know more about Sally and her story? Check out: http://vejibag.com/about-us/our-story/.

How does the Vejibag work?

Water in the fabric vaporises slowly and transports the moisture from the vegetables to the outside of the Vegibag. This creates a humid environment that enables vegetables to breathe and slows down the spoiling process in a natural way.

100% Organic Cotton

The Vegjibag is made of sustainably produced organic cotton. This cotton is grown in America at small local cotton producers. All processing required to turn cotton balls into the cotton thread the Vejibag is made of, takes place locally.

Socially responsible / sustainable entrepeneurship

At the initiation of her company Sally demanded that everybody involved in the succes of Vejibag should be rewarded fairly. This is why Vejibags are manufactured in a company of which all employees are co-owners (mainly women). This safeguards a fair distribution of income, in which everyone receives their share.

Vejibag, a sustainable and natural way to enjoy your vegetables a lot longer!