About us

Vejibag is distributed in Europe by Eco warehouse. Ellen & Johan Visser are the owners of Eco warehouse and have their own vision on the sale and distribution of all Eco warehouse products:

More and more people are aware of the busy, hectic world we live in, containing a lot of waste and pollution. So are we!

Inspired by the beautiful and natural environment we live in at the Veluwe, we try to take care of our food and waste with increasing awareness, so that we treat ourselves and the planet better. With Eco warehouse we hope to contribute a little to that. That’s why we continuously look for sustainable and fair products, that we want to promote and which are fun, beautiful, and practical as well!

On our website you will find all the information about the Vejibag. For more products and our complete assortment, please click here to go to the Eco warehouse website.

We sell to retailers in the EU. Consumers can go to our outlets or go to  www.ecowarehouse.nl.


Vejibag. Less wasting of vegetables!